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We are growing
New positions from Kabul کابل to Kandahar کندهار

In August 15 2021 we fully take rule of Afghanistan افغانستان! All Western enemies run away scared back to freedom and Coca Cola and potato fries.

Taliban needs YOU to reach all goals for divine peaceful future:

  • + Remove all girl women from schools.
  • + Stop girl women from schooling at home.
  • + Cover all girl women with brown or black fabrics.
  • + Update wifi passwords.

Love to All Mostly

When you join Taliban, you join family. We love you more than real family. Together we will to laugh, we will throw the rocks, and sometimes, we will share the tears.

Lodgings Included

New Taliban brothers receive free house unit! House be fully furnished with (1) floor mattress, (1) window. Please bring own pillow. To lay with other man's pillow not in accordance with holy law.

Visit Home Country

New! Taliban now can offer (1) free round trip air ticket to visit home country (1) time per annual. Ticket good for economy class only. No upgrades. Must travel between January to March of new year.

Login to Talichat

Communicate secure with brothers all in Taliban with new app Talichat. When joined you receive personal Talichat login, so you send and receive encryption messages anywhere in Afghanistan with no fee.

Send for Application

Complete form and we send secure application for you joining Taliban.

Proof of COVID Vaccination required to join Taliban!

Please wait to join Taliban at later time if experience any symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness Breathing